Quichua Poem

huaira shamui
samita carai

apuman huilli
cani caipi

huiñachinata apamungui
asinai juyai ñucapac cui.




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The only book so far about paragliding in the andes. It describes many of the popular, accessible places of the central andes.
Very well written by a friend of mine after our journeys, contains many adresses, small maps, and explanations



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The best book about A.v.Humboldts travels, containing many of his scattered notes, compiled by P.K.Schäfer
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(some illustrations by Vladimir Kladiva depicting Moche ceramics were taken from this book for this site)
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after the creation of Google Map this part is almost obsolete ...

Best overview:
Melles Maps, South America, The Andes Includes the street map of some cities, covers the whole mountain range 1:4,500,000
Topographical maps:
Either at the local maps of National Institutes in the capitals Quito, Lima, La Paz, maps of the whole country in magnitudes 1:100,000 up to 1:25,000 or the excellent russian military survey maps 1:500,000 or 1:250,000 of all of South America. For parts of the Cordillera Blanca, Peru and similar regions popular in mountaineering sports there are equally excellent maps of the german Alpine Club DAV 1:100,000 In the web:
all of Peru 1:100,000 of the peruvian geografic society
one of the best link for maps worldwide: Univ. Texas Austin library



Paraglider: Peak S, Ozone, 4.1 kg
Harness: Supair, mountain
Light sleeping bag (mountain view down to 5°) 2 kg, + silk-inlet 800g, + biwak bag, for colder nights wrap in paraglider
ThermA-Rest, 700 g, IsoMat, bad to mend, but forms together with sleeping bag good back protector for flight
Northface Tadpole tent, 2.4 kg
Rentschler Solar-Vario
Garmin Geko GPS
Platybus 2 x 2.5 l water bag
20 m thin rope
Lowe Alpamayo-back pack, 3.3 kg
gas stove, Paratech-emergency, compass, russ. topograph. map 1:500,000, saw (!), medicine case, repair set etc.
all in all roughly 20 kg
With extra belts the back pack is fastened directly at the paraglider for flights

Typical launch with full load:



----------------------------------------------- With a paraglider above the Inca roads -----------------------------------------------