Flights at Lake Titicaca II, Copacabana


grafik_inca grafik_inca Lake Titicaca near which the Tiwanaku- and Inca-culture took their origin, is situated at an altitude of 3850 m and is not much deeper than our Lake Constance at home, but it has 13 times its area, which makes it the largest lake of South America. The huge area of water provides a steady wind in contrast to other open places of the high plain with its frequent wind changes. Therefore Copacabana offers a magnificent flying area. Lazy folks can even drive up to the launch. The even wind of the lake allows for long soaring flights at the slope. With thermals also 100 - 200 m above the hill. Landing directly at the lake shore.



Cathedral of Copacabana with the launching hill in the background. The Cathedral is (arguably) the most important of Bolivia: Each weekend sillions of newly licensed cars, wedding-like decorated drive here, in order to get the benedictions of the church. The ascent to the antenna hill is by foot or around the back of the hill by car.


Soaring at the lake. Excursion over Copacabana



The taciturn art of Tihuanaco ...

----------------------------------------------- With a paraglider above the Inca roads -----------------------------------------------