grafik_inca grafik_inca The mining town Oruro lies in the middle in the wide high plain of Bolivia. No high elevations in the proximity and frequently changing winds. Not the best preconditions for a flight. But some days a thermal flight of one of the hills surrounding the city can be made. With Edgar Martinez, pilot from La Paz I went to the San Pedro, 10 min by bus from the town, 250 meters ascent. Start direction west, landing in the plain at 3750 m.


With Edgar at the launch at 4000m. The clouds look actually very promising.


Look back to Oruro and to the starting hill. The launch is at the bright round surface in the middle of the lower edge of the photo next to the big rock. Flight too short ... but again only an hour later a terrible thunderstorm ...



----------------------------------------------- With a paraglider above the Inca roads -----------------------------------------------