Flight from volcano Corazon

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The Corazon, (span. heart, 4790 m) is situated in the eastern range of the ecuadorian andes, south of Quito. Easy climb with nice view towards the Pacific. (topographical map Ecuador). Launching and landing fine, but strong winds, often clouded.



Corazon at sunset, as seen from the sleeping place at the edge of Rumiñahui's cauldron. The launch is below the rocky dome in the soft ichu gras at 4000 m. Starts from the top are possible, since the top is flat and consists of finer rubble. problem clouds and wind velocity > 40 kmh.


View to the west, towards the Pacific after 1600 m ascent. The western slope is moist, overgrown with tropical forest. I do not know any mountain, neither from the western nor from the eastern range of the ecuadorian andes, where a pleasant flight down, away from the central highlands would be possible.


View from the takeoff spot at 4000 m in the direction of the flight, east-northeast. Up to 3400 m it is allowed, up to 4000 m it is possible to go with a 4wd. There have been a couple of Quiteños flying from here as well. At the foot of the mountain can be seen Machachi and Aloasi at each side of the Panamericana. Landing is in the fields of Aloasi (good bus connection) 1000 m below the view point. To the left, the broad hill is the Pasachoa, to the right in the background the Sincholagua and further behind, the white summit of the Antisana. Takeoff easy, wind at start 40 kmh. Soaring only possible close to the volcano. Half with the wind, the flight goes according to Geko as fast as 80 km/h, up to then my personal record.
Don't get much time to get used to it: After leaving the upwind zone close to the volcano I underestimate the downhill winds, that are formed by the south wind northeast at the foot of the volcano. drifting with the wind to a little Eukalyptus forest and a few minutes later I am too annoyed and too surprised to take a picture of the first tree-landing of my life...



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