Flying in Ibarra


grafik_inca grafik_inca The town Ibarra is a popular spot for paragliding even for the flight schools from Quito. Well trained native pilots live here who'll gently show you around.

Contact: Jorge Duque, flyecuador in Ibarra

Laguna Yahuarcocha ( Quechua: yahuar = blood, cocha = lake), view from the launching area in the background Ibarra.

With its surrounding hills an ideal region for paragliding, always thermal, rarely strong winds. Over the lake various technical maneuvers can be practiced which is why the Quiteños use this area also for training courses. Cross flights are possible but not easy. Jorge Duque says that 30 km is about the longest.

Opposite in the clouds the no longer active volcano Imbabura, the highest mountain of the region here.


Volcano Imbabura (left) and the snow-topped Cayambe seen from the north-east during the tour to the Cotacachi.

With Santiago Duque mai 2003 ascent to the Imbabura. Launching at 3800 m since above that level wind and clouds became unbearable: the usual problem of volcano flights in Ecuador.


A long downward flight towards Ibarra, very calm as soon as you are a couple of meters away from the volcano. The hill right behind the city is the preferred launching spot of the local pilots. The other day we had a nice thermal flights from there. To the left of my foot the local airport with its outstanding landing facilities.


At last for once a sufficiently large landing strip. With perfect landing turn cheerily waving toward the tower. The airport is used only rarely and for this day the local paragliding school gave its ok. Santiago is still in air, invisible. Our launch spot at the left flank is already in the clouds.



----------------------------------------------- With a paraglider above the Inca roads -----------------------------------------------