Quito, city and people


Don Enrique, my excellent Quetchua (or Quichua) teacher at his favourite place: his lemon garden in Jatun Pampa = Llano Grande = wide plain north of Quito, 200 m lower, warmer and much dryer although situated so close to Quito. Weeding and watering there with him it there was after all that mountain climbing quite enjoyable.


So peacefully begins everything: My beloved Ecuadorian host family, the Telenchanas. Soccer star Josue in the center. He has to live here incognito, otherwise Real Madrid would not let him go to school anymore...


Jorgito, inspired paraglider, although always broke. Dreamt at that time becoming an acro pilot. Now an accomplished pilot that takes tourists around to any place in Ecuador. Here on the way to the Rumiñahui, in the background the Cotopaxi.

Jorge Mora Araña, georgedepor@yahoo.es


Kai, sent by the german gouvernment to help people here to develop properly. Here on our flight tour to the Corazon. Later on I land in a tree and he is terribly concerned.


Rafael (Baños) at the summit of Chimborazo.



----------------------------------------------- With a paraglider above the Inca roads -----------------------------------------------