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With a paraglider above the Inca roads

of Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia




"Imakuna rikunallata kana kushkaka jawapachakunay, imashinachu imakuna mana rikuyta ushanchic."

"If things of sight such heavens be, what heavens are those we cannot see?"      Andrew Marvell


Map of flight regions

Project of the journey was to travel along the old roads of the Inkas (or their predecessors) with a paraglider from Quito at the equator to Chile, following the path of Huayna Capac, Pedro de Cieza, Alexander von Humboldt or Victor von Hagen. Of course in many respects I utterly failed, but still it's been quite worth the try.

Map Below you see a map with the main part of the journey. To make this a useful reference for other pilots and also since the central andean countries are not yet that popular with respect to paragliding, I included some places, where other pilots have flown and left information as well. Equally, since the journey served primarily to become acquainted with the country, its people, its history I included also a few non-flight-references. Just like many other travelers I became quite fond of the high land people with their friendliness despite their hard life, and their kind stubborness.

During the trip the mountain-ridge of the andes was crossed altogether three times by para-trekking. First at Huancabamba, close to the border Ecuador/Peru, the lowest ridge of the central andes in the region of the magic lagoons of Sapalache (down by foot accompanied by strong wind and rain), then in the Santa-valley, a well-known crossing of the Cordillera Blanca, with flight to the temple of Chavin, one of the oldest large temples of ancient Peru and then a third time during the flight Bolivia - Chile from the volcano Licancabur, with 5920 m the highest launch of the journey.

Mostly I was solito on the way, but I always enjoyed flying with native or other visiting pilots. I had a slight preference for deserted regions though. Despite long hikes and many flights, the main part of travelling has been done by bus or truck. The preliminary conclusion of the trip were the humble attempts to fly with condors in the Colca valley. Comments regarding the map and additions will be recieved gladly, email see below.


"Once you have flown, you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards,
for there you have been, and there you long to return to.
Leonardo da Vinci

The Inca Road System
The Conquest by
Francisco Pizarro
Itinerary of
Alexander von Humboldt
Triangulation of Ecuador,
Charles De la Condamine
The maps of my journey:
Russ. topograph. Ecuador

Article in the South American Explorer (PDF)

Inca Cosmology (PDF)

Books and maps and a listing of the travel equipment

my web page



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