Flying in Ayacucho

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Ayacucho ( Quechua: aya = death, cucho = corner) gloomy name for a town, that acquired most of its fame by the terror of the Sendero Luminoso and the military troops. Since the old capital of the Huari empire has been close to the town, the old Inka road passed along here. The hills that surround the town are rather low, so the best flying spot is probably the valley of Winchus, 20 km southwest. At the nameless hill with a cruz, that overlooks the town, I made a couple of mediocre attempts to soar above Ayacucho.



Launch at 3180 m, panorama of the town. Ascent 1/2 hour. Apart from its height, that is not too outstanding, the launch is quite ideal. On the top I meet an old granny, that doesn't understand a word of spanish. Communication in quetchua fails rather miserably as well.


Soaring at the slope, but I cannot keep myself up in the air for long. Its only 280 m to the safe landing spot.


Plaza de armas



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