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From Chachapoyas to Cajamarca



Leymebamba: The rain from the roof like prison bars - Here the descendants of Victor v. Hagen have built up an impressive museum about indigenous culture of the region.


Look back to Leymebamba. From here by lorry to the Río Marañn. We traverse a pass at 3600 m (maybe flight into the Marañon valley possible). Along the way at the fields below the pass three campesinos and me load 70 hundredweights of potatoes, which are to be brought in a nocturnal drive down to the valley. Comparing it to the truck travel at the end of the Huancabamba valley I can judge therefore, you sleep a lot better on potatoes than on pigs.


A five centimeter long exotic visitor along the way


Photograph fom top of the potatoe truck: The smoke of the campesino fire mixes with the evening clouds. Caspar David Friedrich in Peru...


Camp at the Río Marañon (possible landing spot).
The peruvian poet Ciro Alegria calls it "La serpiente de oro", the golden snake
I didn't catch any fish in the river but now, beginning of september, tons of sweet mangos get harvested in the gardens.


View back to the Marañon. Only where human hand is at work, the river valley prospers in green.


In shortest time we cross all climate zones: From tropical damp to desert to the moderate plains with grain fields and the pampa. Last stop before Cajamarca, Celendin. Waiting for more passengers for the collectivo.


----------------------------------------------- With a paraglider above the Inca roads -----------------------------------------------