grafik_moche grafik_space Cajamarca, city of destiny of South America. Here the sixtytwo horsemen and onehundredandsix soldiers of Pizarro slaughtered the estimated tenthousand men Inka army of Atahualpa within a few hours and a changed thereby a whole continent. However if you mention nowadays the name "Pizarro" here, all people think of Claudio Pizarro, who is the captain of the Peruvian national soccer team, which plays quite well these days. He plays as a professional with Bavaria Munich, which helps me always a lot, if someone asks me where I come from. Bavaria T-Shirts are accordingly quite popular here.

Near Cumbemayo (= water summit), a very artful pre-Inka water line, there are several hills with open slopes in direction of Cajamarca for a possible paraglider flight. On one of them I waited a whole afternoon, but the wind was too strong for a launch and the slopes rather shallow. Better place to fly in this area may be Cajabamba 100 km further south with high cliffs.






Possible launch at 3700 m







Lanes of Cajamarca


(Illustration: Guaman Poma, Nueva corónica y buen gobierno (1615), Cajamarca, La muerte de Atahuallpa)

----------------------------------------------- With a paraglider above the Inca roads -----------------------------------------------