Cusco, Urubamba valley


grafik_inca grafik_inca The Urubamba valley with its many ruins is one of the most fantastic valleys of this earth. Once it had been the sacred valley of the Inca.

The town Cusco is one of the few places of Peru, where local pilots live. With flights in the Urubamba valley at the Mirador Raqchi or Pisaq or at the Río Apurimac or at the passes to the town Abancay there is a variety of established, beautiful flying possibilities.

Contact: Parapente Cusco or Leo en Cusco



Launch at the Mirador Raqchi 3750 m. It's about 900 m of height difference to the landing fields in the valley. From local pilots cross flights along the valley were made, or even flights back to Cusco with cloud bases of 5000-6000 m.


Flight in the holy Inka valley

Below you see the town Huayllabamba (quech.: huaylla=pasture, bamba=plain). From time to time between corn fields large fields of white flowers with the beautiful name "illusiones". When in full bloom these may decorate the altars and cemeteries here, for these places nothing seems to be too expensive for the Peruvians. Innumerable Inka buildings exist in this valley. River upward, i.e. in the right direction the ruins of Pisaq, over which local pilots made various flights, down the valley is the fortress Ollantaytambo and still further down the "old mountain", Machu Picchu, just before the Urubamba winds into the Amazon basin and widens to the Ucayali river. With luck you can get the permission for a flight above the ruins of Machu Picchu.



Ollantaytambo, named after the general who, against all rules of status, fell in love with an Inka princess and withdrew here, in order to defy the anger of the Inka (all well since it ends well, the only handed down prehispanic theatre play).


Cusco at night


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