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The Nazca culture (200 - 600 A.D..) is famous for its long desert lines, kilometers of straight lines or beautiful animal figures, perceptible only(?) from above. Up to this day the meaning of these lines is only little understood. Flights over the lines have been done so far only with machine support or with an hot air balloon Jim Woodman, Julian Nott). There are however some thermal looking hills near by. I didn't succeed in a flight. Alternative: Cerro Blanco, a 1000 m high sand dune directly out of town.

More information about the lines and the work of Maria Reiche.



The Nazca lines from far far above (NASA: Both the green fruitful valley of the dry Río Ingenio (the water flows mostly underground) and some surrounding potential flight mountains are well recognizable. The straight line that passes below the big mountain from the right side to the green river valley is the Panamericana. Some of the weaker straight lines are old Nazca lines, the stronger ones are driveways. Size of the satellite photograph 10x20 km.
On the map of the Univerity of Dresden the lines can be seen in great detail with zoom possibilities and present research results. See also Map with photographies.



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One Nazca line from ant perspective. Just a 30-40 cm wide path, freed from stones, centuries old.



This is how it would have looked like, if I would have flown: The little ape, first of all rediscovered animal figures of this region. Recognized and restored by Maria Reiche herself.



The resting place of the great protector of the lines. Amidst flowers and green of the Ingenio valley.



----------------------------------------------- With a paraglider above the Inca roads -----------------------------------------------