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The animation shows the quantum noise of different freely propagating light waves (left) and the corresponding moving wave packet in the harmonic potential (right).
The measurement time of the quantum noise depends on the (adjustable) phase change of the detection system. It corresponds to the time development of the light wave. A typical measurement time of one plot was 200 ms. To be able to distinguish single points of the noise data only 10.000 that is 1/50 of the original 512k data points are plotted.
The unit of the quantum noise amplitude is the same as the one of the wave packets x-axis: 1 unit corresponds to the quantum noise of the vacuum state.

Click the upper left corner to choose a state
START - starts the animation
WIGNER - shows the corresponding phase space distribution function
PHOTON - shows the corresponding photon statistics
Except for the 3-photon star state all the graphs display measured data.
For the photon statistics, bars represent the theoretical expectation, black dots the experimental values.

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