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Gerd Breitenbach, physicist, Muenchen, born 1964


My previous research: Experimental laser physics, quantum noise of light, Wigner functions, quantum state reconstruction, nonlinear optics, cryogenic mechanical oscillators, optomechanical sensors, spectral analysis, robotics, triangulation, game development, (list of publications) .

Quantum States of Light, an introduction to quantum optics

The quantum harmonic oscillator

Crystals and Light, a virtual polarization microscope

Curves of planetary motion in geocentric perspective: Epitrochoids

Vibrating strings, musical intervals and the curves of Lissajous.

Arnold's cat, Chaos and Poincaré recurrence.

HighSchool: Fractions --- Quadratic Equations --- Graphs and Functions --- Perl tutorial (german).

Geometry, Cubism and Quantum Mechanics

Kubismus und Quantenmechanik, Vortrag 2012 (PDF)   

Cubism and Quantum Mechanics, talk 2012 (PDF)   

European Talent Academy      


The Physics of Climate and Energy Summary 2008   Summary 2009   Summary 2010   Brownian Motion  
The Mathematics of Games Summary 2011   Summary 2012   Summary 2013   The heart of Nakayama 
Entropy: Foke and Smire Summary 2014   Summary 2015   Summary 2016   Belousov-Zhabotinski-Experiment,  
Sound and Fury: The Music of Physics Summary 2017  

Connection Games

Authors: Markus Hagenauer, Gerd Breitenbach
We developed new types of connection games, playable for two persons.

Topology description, german PDF-file

Topology, link to the publisher

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Tomoe description, german PDF-file

Tomoe description, english PDF-file

Tomoe link to the publisher

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Alp Weissenberg, big cheese, high air, and sweet cows

Contact:   higobreitenbach@arcor.de