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Introduction and references

The discovery of the particle-like behaviour of light leading to the invention of the term photon (ref. 17) at the turn of the twentieth century marks the starting point of the development of quantum theory. At that time many experiments designed to test the new theory remained in the realm of thought experiments. Due to the fast development of laser optics it is now possible to carry out experiments that enable us to actually visualize this strange quantum world. This site intends to give a non-technical, intuitive introduction to quantum optics of the light field.

Recent measurements are employed to illuminate abstract quantum mechanical concepts such as the uncertainty relation, the wave packet, quantum noise, Schroedingers Cat, quantum superpositions, Wigner functions, density matrices, etc. using the concrete example of the freely propagating light field. For an animated version of some of the most common quantum states of the light field, showing their experimentally measured quantum noise distribution and the corresponding motion of their wave packet, see the animation at the end, showing experimental data of the University of Konstanz including one-photon states by the group of Alexander Lvovsky (ref 15 and the link below). Recently added were calculations of states generated online, so you can work with

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see also The work at NIST to cat states of light link 1, and link 2,



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